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Welcome to the GIM Consultation Service at London Health Sciences Centre

This rotation incorporates an ambulatory clinic experience with an inpatient consultative service. This rotation is offered at both the North End (University Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital) and the South End (Victoria Hospital).

In the inpatient setting, you will participate in medical consultations on the surgical and non-CTU subspecialty medical services. The rotation provides exposure to a diverse and challenging spectrum of medical problems in the perioperative period.

In the ambulatory setting, you will participate in General Medical Clinics, Urgent Medical Clinics (referrals from the ER to the outpatient setting), and Perioperative Assessment Clinics. In the GMC and UMC, you will be exposed to a very wide variety of undifferentiated clinical questions and multi-system disorders. In the Perioperative Assessment Clinic, you will evaluate and manage patients with significant medical comorbidities who are scheduled to undergo elective surgery.

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Important Points (North End)

Orientation Manual

Click here for the orientation document. Please read it before the start of the rotation.

Resident Schedule

Resident schedules are posted above. The schedules may change, and this website will always contain the most recent schedule.

PowerChart List

You've been provided proxy access to the GIM consult service list "GIM North". Please add it to your active lists, and make sure you maintain it.


Pager number is 14656. The UH pager is covered by the UH SMR from 2200 until 0800. Please make sure to forward it back to the consult service by 0800 every day.


You have been assigned to Preadmission Assessment Clinics (PAC) and Urgent Medicine Clinics during a part of the rotation. In the majority of the clinics (in particular UMC), patients are specifically booked for residents, for your learning benefit. If you cannot attend a scheduled clinic, you must notify the attending clinic physician as well as Dr. Yu as soon as possible.

The resident scheduled for clinics at SJHC will also be covering the occasional inpatient consult at SJHC. Please note that clinics are your first priority, and consults should be seen before or after clinics. If the patient is unstable, the consulting service (not you) should call the Step-up unit.

Exit Interviews

You will meet individually with Dr. Yu on the last week of your rotation. Please complete your rotation evaluations prior to the meeting.